Oguni Artist Testing Pack


Artist Testing Pack has a variety of heritage washi paper from Oguni Village in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

Oguni washi is made from 100% kozo (mulberry) bark, which is mostly grown locally by the papermaker

The family that makes the Oguni Washi is committed to preserving the 1400-year-old tradition of making high quality washi

Try the papers for printmaking, drawing, dyeing, stitching, ink painting, acrylic and watercolors etc.

Package has the following papers (see more detailed descriptions in the picture):

Oguni Shikishi – Fudagami HM (51g, 19 x 19 cm)

Oguni Kakishibugami (45g, 28 x 39 cm)

Oguni Sugikawa (54g, 28 x 38 cm)

Oguni Natural Kozo Large (30g, 65 x 100 cm)

Oguni Snowbleached Oguniban (36g, 28 x 39 cm)

Oguni Snowbleached (18g, 65 x 100 cm)

All papers are handmade

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Weight 51 g