Katazome-Shi Botanical Collection of Japanese Paper


Katazome-Shi Botanical Collection of Japanese Paper

Set has 5 different hand stenciled Japanese Chiyogami Papers in size 216 x 280 mm

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“Katazome-shi” means literally stencil-dyed papers (Also called “Wazome”)

Katazome-Shi Paper is based on  traditional kimono-printing techniques. Katazome-Shi is known for colorful, bold patterns. It was invented in Kyoto in 20th century. Prints are made with stencils by hand and the stenciling technique provides long lasting colors.

Katazome-Shi is wonderful as book covers, box covers, in collage and cardmaking etc.

Katazome-Shi is a time-consuming technique, so these papers are often hard to find

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Weight 70 g