Chiyogami Mini Surprise Pack Paper Set


Chiyogami Mini Surprise Pack Paper Set

Set has 26 + different silk-screened Japanese Chiyogami Papers in size 215 x 152 mm and smaller

PLEASE NOTE! Every set has different assortment of papers, you will receive a randomly selected assortment, not necessarily the ones in the pictures.

Chiyogami Paper (also known as Yuzen) is a silkscreened Japanese paper with popular traditional Japanese patterns. Many Chiyogami papers have foiled details

Chiyogami designs were originally developed in the Edo period (1600-1868) and they were based on bright kimono textiles. Chiyogami is known for traditional designs like cranes or plum blossoms and striking pigment colors. Chiyogami is ideal for book covers, gift wrapping, cardmaking, box making etc.

Set is curated and historical info is collected by Japanese Paper Place



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